Tips & Tricks for Successfully Rendering Blender Scenes

Complex Jobs

Do you have a complex job that you need done as soon as possible? Reach out to us at and we can help meet any deadline or requirements you have.

Correctly Packing Jobs for Upload

When preparing your job to be uploaded for render on Concierge, all assets and textures must be packed into the .blend file.

To pack textures and assets into your project, browse to:

Once Automatically Pack Into .blend has been selected, also select Make All Paths Relative and save your project. Your project is now ready to upload to Concierge on the File Manager -> Upload / Launch Renders page.

If you are using images or videos as a texture you will need to upload these assets in a folder with your blend.

Check out our tutorial on how to pack your job

Cost Estimates

When running a Preview frame on Concierge Render, the cost estimate will be more accurate for more complex scenes. If your render time is very short, the cost estimate will be over-estimated, in some cases severely. While the Preview feature is great for checking your work along the way, we suggest running a single frame at full resolution before submitting your finished job to get the most accurate estimate.

Render Artifacts

All artifacts (meaning layers and node output) are generated and delivered in your job output folder automatically. If you do not want/require these, please disable them in your .blend file locally before uploading.

The output of multiple artifacts does not increase the cost of your renders.

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