Concierge Render FAQ

How do I claim my $5 free credits?

Head to your account manager page to verify your phone number and have your $5 free Concierge credits added to your account.

My render is stuck and not completing anymore frames. HELP!

If you find your render has stopped progressing please click the purple render button within this job and then click render. This will assign all unfinished frames to new hardware. In some instances you will need to upgrade to a higher hardware selection, you may do this by clicking the purple render button and then selecting the next highest hardware and clicking render.

Can I render my project with a video output?

At this time we only support still image outputs on Conicerge. You may create a video with Blender or the video editing software of your choice in post production.

Can I render for free?

You can run a free render preview on Concierge. The free Preview allows you to view a low res version of Frame 1 of your job to get a cost and time estimate(based on your full resolution). With the free preview, you can also check to make sure your assets are all in place.

You will need to have a positive balance to run a Preview job.

Can I upload Zip files to Concierge?

Yes, you can upload zip files to Concierge. Please note there is an analysis stage that happens to all files on Concierge, which will happen while your project unzips. You can expect your zip file to a few minutes to unzip into folder form. If you feel there is an error and your project has not been unzipped properly, please reach out to Customer Support via email or chat.

Can I upload RAR files to Concierge?

At this time, we do not accept RAR files to be uploaded to Concierge.

My render job has a "Server Error," what do I do?

If your job shows a Server Error message, please click "Re-render Frames" and select a higher hardware selection. This will render all frames that were unable to be rendered by your original hardware selection.

You may also see "Server Error" if you are using nonmatching Blender versions. For instance, a new Blender release trying to be rendered on an older Blender version.

My render is pink; my textures are missing! How do I fix this?

If your render or parts of your render are outputting pink, you are missing textures. To render your project properly, you will need to repack your job and resubmit to Concierge.

If you are using an image or a video as a texture, please note you will need to upload these assets into a folder onto Concierge, set all paths to relative, and save your project. When uploading your folder to Concierge, you do not need to zip the folder.

My simulation did not render; how do I fix this?

When rendering a simulation on Concierge render, you must include all of the cache associated with your project in the folder you upload to Concierge. Check out the tutorials linked below for further information.

Concierge Tutorials

Can I run Python Scripts on Concierge?

We do not currently support Python Scripts on Concierge.

How many jobs can I run at one time?

You may run as many jobs as you want! There is no limit to the number of jobs being run at any given time.

My render has missing frames!

Your jobs are rendered in parallel on Concierge; this means they do not always render or finish in order. If you are still missing frames once your project has been completed, please reach out to customer service via the Concierge support chat.

My Eevee render has errors/glitches. How do I fix this?

There are a few known bugs in Eevee that cause frames to glitch, including having blank frames, bright lights, etc. The only solution if this happens is to re-run the frame. You can do this by identifying the frame number and running a still image render of that frame.

How do I refill my render credits?

You can refill your render credits by clicking this link. We accept PayPal and Credit Cards on Concierge.

I am a student. Does Concierge offer student discounts?

We do not currently offer student discounts. All clients are eligible for bulk credit discount bonuses.

I am using add-ons in my project. Can I render on Concierge?

It depends on the add-on! If the add-on you are using in your project is not listed and you would like Concierge to support it, please send an email to with a link to the add-on and any other pertinent information that will help us assist you. We do not guarantee support of third-party add-ons but do our best to support what our clients use!

Is motion blur supported on Concierge?

Short answer- yes but it is buggy! Use at your own risk, we often find that projects using Motion Blur tend to experience jumpy renders and inconsistent render experiences.

Supported Addons

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