Getting Started

Getting started using Concierge Render

Concierge Render is the white-glove rendering solution provided by CoreWeave. Backed by the same powerful infrastructure that runs CoreWeave Cloud, Concierge Render provides an easy to use, powerful solution for your rendering and animation needs. Concierge provides unmatched scale compute at the industry's best economics. With thousands of GPUs at your finger-tips, how far can you push your creativity?

Render Engines Supported

Concierge Render currently supports:


  • Blender 2.81a

  • Blender 2.82a

  • Blender 2.83.7 LTS

  • Blender 2.90.1

  • Blender 2.91

  • Blender 2.92

  • Blender 2.93 LTS

  • Blender 2.93 (Filmic)

  • Blender 2.93 (Github Sobotka Filmic)

  • Blender 3.0

  • Blender 3.1

  • Blender 3.2


  • Cinema4D R21.209

  • Cinema4D R22.118

  • Cinema4D 23.110

  • Cinema4D 24.111

  • Cinema4D 25.015

  • Redshift 2.6.56

  • Redshift 3.0.35

  • Redshift 3.0.39

  • Redshift 3.0.49

  • Redshift 3.0.53

  • Redshift 3.0.59

Download the most recent version of Blender here.

Signing Up

To create a free account on Concierge Render, click here. Once you have completed the sign-up form, you will receive an e-mail with a link to activate your account. Once you've received this e-mail and click the link, your account will be active and ready for use.

Your Concierge Render Dashboard

Upon successful login, your Concierge Render Dashboard will show your current active jobs, any recently completed jobs, pertinent platform updates and news, and your current credit balance. This is a great screen to quickly see the status of your active and recent renders.

Uploading and Launching Your First Render

To start your first render, click on the Upload / Launch Renders menu item under the File Manager menu tab.

The Concierge Transfer upload application on the File Manager page is made to accept both single file uploads as well as uploading an entire directory. Choose the appropriate type of upload Upload files or Upload folder and browse to your item. The Concierge Transfer upload application is built to handle projects small and large, all with the ability to resume a transfer if your internet connection stalls or is extremely slow. If your upload is interrupted, simply restart the same file or folder and Concierge will pick up where you left off.

Once your file is uploaded, the Concierge Render system will automatically perform "Analysis" on your file. This is to ensure that your file uploaded correctly, and will warn of any missing linked assets that may not have been correctly included with the file.

To launch the render, click on the button labeled Actions in the file table, and Launch Render.

The Launch Render form will be auto-populated with the information contained in the render file, and is ready for you to select your options. When running your first render, it is suggested to always run a Preview render to make sure the output is as expected, plus it's free!

Once your render is successfully launched, browse to the Job Manager page to track and download your render output.

Watching Your Render Progress

The Job Manager and Dashboard pages have links to your current, recent and historic job pages. On these pages you can view helpful information like the cost of the render, total time to render, in addition to the rendered output from the job. If for any reason you need to cancel a job during the render process, clicking the Cancel button on the job page will stop the current render process.

Purchasing Credits

To purchase credits for use on the Concierge Render platform, click on the menu item labeled Buy More Credits at the top of the navigation bar.

The Buy More Credits link will bring you to a form to select the quantity of render credits as well as the method of payment for purchase. Concierge Render accepts both credit card and PayPal payments. All credit card payments are processed via Square; no customer credit card data is stored or recorded by the Concierge Render system.

Bonus credits are awarded for large purchases, buy over $500 and receive a 30% credit bonus.

Details can be seen on the Pricing Breakdown Chart on the Buy More Credits page.

Concierge Render credits are non-refundable and are valid for one year after purchase.

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